Talk about making an impression.

There just seems to be something about Mr. Danny Tetley that makes him command a lot of attention. It’s not that he’s aggressive or overbearing. Rather, it is quite the opposite of that.

The bubbly personality that Danny has meant that he is able to win over the heart of any single person that he meets. So, when he was given the chance to share his surprising talent on the X Factor UK, all it took was a few seconds and he had the audience falling in love with him.

Despite his wonderful personality, absolutely no one was expecting Danny to have such an amazingly beautiful voice.

Danny began the audition by telling a joke with the camera crew and other contestants who, just like him, were waiting to let their talents get the showcase that the deserved. With a lot of emotions flying around the place, the 37-year-old realized that he could just use some humor to help people let go of some tension. They were supposed to come on The X Factor and enjoy every experience.

If it took him some extra effort to help facilitate that u feeling, then that is exactly what he would have to do.

He looked at the camera with a proud look and shared the philosophy with which he lives his life.

“Life’s too short. Life’s too short. Live every day with a smile on your face!”

As soon as he was done with his introduction, it was time for him to t to the business of why he was there. He was definitely filled with a nervous feeling as the crowd was really large, but there was definitely nothing that he could do about it now.

Fortunately for him, he had already succeeded in winning over the support of the audience, and he achieved that with is funny and warm nature.

Even if the audition ended up being a flop, the audience would definitely cheer him up nonetheless.

However, as soon as Danny opened his mouth to begin his number, everyone in the crowd fell completely silent. They all watched with their breaths held and their mouths agape as he worked his way through “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” a song from the smash hit musical movie Dreamgirls.

He got every single note like he was born to do it, and he did the entire set with a smile on his face.

It was obvious that Danny was living his dream by singing on the X Factor stage, and he was living every waking minute of it.

As soon as Danny brought his performance to a close and the music faded, the entire audience stood to give him a standing ovation. Even Simon Cowell, the judge who is notorious for being harsh, was on his feet and cheering for Danny at the top of his voice.

Simon was definitely not the only judge who Danny blew away! Robbie and two others went as far as running on stage to appreciate Danny’s rendition of the song. They gave him a group hug, and they helped him wipe the tears from his eyes. The moment was one of celebration they sure didn’t need any tears.

After the embrace, Robbie told him:

“I loved you from the minute you got on stage.”

Source: jumblejoy