There’s almost a 90-year “generation gap” between them, but their selfless friendship is one of a kind. This little boy and elderly gentleman are not blood-related, yet they still share a precious bond that makes their relationship much more extraordinary.

Stuart Gulliver, 91, a resident of Acorn House Care Home in Carrington, used to be a lonely and grumpy grandpa who had no relatives to visit him until a toddler came into his life.

He first met Daniel, now 4, when the little boy was just 18 months old and came to visit the old-age home with his mother, Natalie Holmes, reported Nottinghamshire Live.

Now, the pair meets every weekend, plays with toys, and even goes out on trips; they have formed a unique bond in which both have benefited.

Daniel’s mother shared that she brought her son at the care home so that he could learn respect from the elders.

Being a lonely man, Gulliver used to be shy and impatient with the staff, but after spending time with Daniel, he calmed down and became more social.

Source: americadaily