When you think of bath bombs, a long, lovely soak in the tub comes to mind; made complete IMHO with a scented candle and a good book. But the initial fizz appeals to the curious kid inside of us rather than the stressed-out adult.

I admittedly have somewhat of an addiction to Lush bath bombs, and love the little thrill of chucking one in the tub and seeing it spiral out of control; a swirling, scented vortex of colour and glitter.

And when the colour spreads completely throughout the bathwater like an Instagram-worthy rainbow potion, well, this is genuinely a very satisfying sight to behold.

But can you imagine what it would be like to create a bath bomb big enough for an entire swimming pool? This would certainly be far more detonative than dreamy, but I for one am all for it…

This is exactly what the friends behind YouTube channel Vat19 set out to explore when concocting the ‘World’s Largest Bath Bomb.’

The bath bomb itself was a humongous 2000 lbs. Bear in mind, Lush’s Intergalactic bath bomb is apparently around 5.6 oz, and let me tell you that bad boy capable of kicking up quite a storm.

This was no easy feat. For starters, thirty one 50 lb bags of ingredients were required. The recipe itself was ‘one part corn starch, one part citric acid to two parts baking soda’ tossed together in a cement mixer. The team then added dye to the mixture to turn the bomb black.

This was a slow process, with the gang having to whip up multiple batches which they layered over and over again inside the half-spherical mold.

Bear in mind this was only one half of the bomb, and after rolling it outside to bake solid in the sun, they had to head back and make the second half. A chilled afternoon of homespun crafts this was not, particularly when one of the guys hilariously dropped a trowel inside the bomb.

After the bomb had baked solid, the team drilled away the mold; revealing a huge yet perfect bath bomb. After all their careful hard work, it was now time to roll the sweet-smelling monstrosity into the pool.

The bath bomb plunged into the pool with a booming splosh; slipping below the surface and fizzing about much like the humble bath bomb of your bathroom cabinet.

Rising above the water like a fragrant sea creature, the friends shrieked as the bath bomb worked its alarming magic; filling the pool with bubbles and colour.

The result looked like a super fun pool party; proving how a bath bomb – no matter how colossal – can enhance any situation.

Those who have watched the bath bomb in all its frothy glory have been enthralled and impressed; with many inspired to carry out similar experiments.

One person commented:

My life totally changed after watching this video. It made me a better person and I will totally live happily ever after now.

I’m the kind of person who watches a video of the world’s largest bath bomb being dropped into a pool and I HATE IT POOLS REQUIRE SO MANY CHEMICALS, WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN THIS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU–

Suggestions have rolled in regarding what the team should toss in the pool next. Ideas have range from gummy bears to french fries to dirt. But somehow I think this one will be difficult to top!

Source: UNILAD