These two keep pushing the envelope. I can always count on professional skaters, siblings John and Sinead Kerr, to come up with something amazing. They have this tendency to combine the grace and technical execution of ice skating, with an opposing dance genre. They always seem to defy expectations – and gravity!

I am always pleased when I see their videos. I can expect that they will wow me with their clever pairings and intricate dance moves. This pair knows what they’re doing, and are so good at blurring the line between the dance floor and ice rink.

In this routine for the European Original Dance, the two have selected a honky tonk country song to get down to (literally at the end). It’s Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere” with a few added sound effects for good measure. The pair has dressed the part, in their best plaid and denim with big bulky belts to match, ready to wow the crowd with their non-traditional routine.

They are in sync and perfectly timed. Their intertwined dance moves like the over-the-head crossed arm latches and doh-si-doh square dancing are flawless. They’ve even got a few line dancing shimmies and kicks happening, using the picks of their skates to help them across the ice without breaking character!

How they manage to do all this without John’s hat falling off is beyond me! And that last down to-the-ice move is so creative and really well thought out. The whole thing was so well done. The audience loved it, and so did I. Way to go there, partners!

Source: metaspoon