While many people throw away their leftover dinner, a woman from Alabama decided to share her extra food, and her story gained half a million views on Facebook. In addition, the experience moved her so much that she vowed she’d “never, never throw away another meal.”

Kim Colvin from Birmingham doesn’t cook much these days—in fact, she’s hardly at home, where she lives by herself. However, she decided to make a hearty dinner one evening.

“So I decided to cook Monday. Roast beef, Mac n cheese, vegetable medley, oven grilled corn on cob, Italian cut green beans and cornbread muffin,” Colvin said about the dinner she made on Facebook.

Despite the fact that her two sons had grown up and moved out, Colvin didn’t changed her habit of cooking for a crowd of at least six people. When she looked at the amount of leftover food the next day, she realized that she had made way too much.

Unwilling to throw away the leftovers, Colvin decided to offer the food to the homeless.

After Colvin warmed up, packed up and loaded up the leftovers, she found there was enough food to make 11 plates. Since it was already getting late, Colvin rushed to a park that was no further than 20 minutes away from her home, and she began to distribute the food.

Seeing a man sitting on the steps of the park, Colvin offered him one of the plates, which the man accepted gladly. Colvin then continued to walk further towards a gazebo. Unknown to Colvin, she was about to discover something that would move her to tears.

At the gazebo, Colvin saw a lady with three children beside her, lowering her head, praying.

“Lord, if I can just feed my children,” Colvin recalled the lady’s prayer.

The lady was at one of the lowest points of her life — she had nothing, no money, no place to live, and no idea how she could provide for her children.

Colvin didn’t want to interrupt the lady praying, but the lady’s two little girls noticed Colvin approaching, with “Thank You” bags clustered on her arms. The girls tapped their mother.

“She looked up, and I was standing there, with plates in my hand,” Colvin described. “She said she’s been praying again, asking God to feed her kids, if not herself.”

When the lady realized her prayer had been answered, she was in tears.

So was Colvin.

“To see the tears roll down her face and how grateful she was — I was just outdone,” Colvin said.

Soon after, Colvin shared the story on Facebook. Alongside her tearful account of the story, Colvin wrote “This how I know God is real!!!” in her post.

Colvin then shared another video on Facebook after she was less emotional, giving more context of the story and sharing about what the experience had taught her.

In the video, Colvin said that she had never expected anything like this could happen, and the experience made her realize how small gestures of kindness can change another’s life.

“I’m only sharing this with you guys because I know as for you, like me, a lot of times we take stuff for granted,” Colvin said. “We don’t even think about how much it means to other people, or how we could bless other people.”

“This has humbled me so much, to a point where I will never, never throw away another meal,” Colvin added.

Giving a specific example, Colvin mentioned there was some hamburger meat sitting in her fridge, which could go bad if she continued to leave it there.

“But I promise you … tomorrow, I’m going to cook the hamburger meat and I’m literally just going to bring it.” Colvin said. “I’m not rich … but this right here, I’m just brought to pieces.”

Colvin also encouraged others to give their leftovers to those in need instead of throwing them away.

“Just consider it when you’re done with your meal—if it fixes one plate, two plates…” Colvin said.

Colvin didn’t film any of the people who sat under the gazebo that day, and she didn’t want any of those people to feel ashamed by their situation. For Colvin, sharing the story was not about getting attention or recognition, but about making a difference in people’s lives.

“Just to see the joy on those kids’ faces, and how many times the lady was giving God all the praise and glory when she was amidst a prayer, and she looked up and here I am, standing there,” Colvin said at the end of the video, recalling again the unforgettable moment of meeting the homeless family.