Arlene, who hails from Huntsville, Alabama, is a woman who had major control issues, especially when walking into the salon. However, she put those control issues on hold when it came time to let MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis, also known as Christoper Hopkins, work his magic.

This woman is definitely one who likes to be in control of the creative process, but she put her trust into Hopkins’ hands and let him do his job and lead the way.
Coming into the haircut, she wanted something a little bit more feminine and romantic.


In the video, which you can see below, Hopkins comes across as incredibly charming. He gets to know Arlene and where she’s from and is really understanding of her vision and what she wants.

“You’re ready for a change?” Hopkins asked at the beginning of their session. “Get rid of those bangs,” Arlene responded with confidence.

While Hopkins told her that she kind of has to grow out the bangs to get rid of them, he then turned to the camera and told everyone that there are other ways of doing bangs. If you have them, it doesn’t mean they have to lay right on your forehead — you can move them and play around with them!

“A lady who cut my hair once told me it looked like a tent… So we need to get rid of the tent,” Arlene continued.

Diving into her hair color, Hopkins suggested a red, strawberry tone would be flattering for Arlene’s skin tone, to which she made a slight shrieking face. “Alright, so we’ll stick with what you always had!” Hopkins said sarcastically.
“You really do this all the time,” Arlene said while laughing, confirming his natural talent for major transformations.

After going back and forth for a bit, Hopkins decided, “alright let’s do blonde highlights with a soft red.” Arlene finally seemed calm with that decision, completely trusting Hopkins!

After the color treatment, Hopkins revealed Arlene’s hair to which she responded with the biggest gasp, “that is RED, Christopher.” She was astonished and super hesitant, definitely questioning Hopkin’s intentions.

“I think it’s really ugly, that’s why people fly in from all over the world to get my opinion,” Hopkins said once again sarcastically, completely unphased by Arlene’s indecisiveness. “No I think it looks really pretty, and I understand your concern, but it’s 1000% better and it will be beautiful.”

He then assured her that if at the end she still doesn’t like it, they can always go in and add more blonde to tone it down. He was assertive but also very comforting so once again, Arlene let him do his thing!

“It’s growing on me,” she admitted halfway through the blow-dry.
All of a sudden the video cuts to the end result of Arlene’s cut and color and spoiler alert… It will make you GASP.

Hopkins took her original hairstyle and did a complete 360, and it works perfectly.

“I LOVE it,” Arlene said with such enthusiasm. “I love the color and I love the cut. From just the little bit that I wrote down on the sheet, Christopher just took it and went with it and he knew exactly what I wanted.”
As they switch back and forth between the before and after, it is just undeniable that this was a remarkable transformation for Alabama small town lady, Arlene.

The makeover didn’t end there though. After her cut and color, Arlene went off to get her makeup done (along with a ton of excellent makeup advice that she can use on her own at home). Plus, she even got a whole list of wardrobe advice! They told her what was off limits and what would be flattering. For example, leggings? For 12-year-olds, AKA off limits!

At the end of the clip, Arlene looked so happy and comfortable in her new skin. She walked out to be greeted by her husband and asked him what he thought. Then he let out an evil laugh (meaning he clearly loved it!).

“It’s me,” Arlene said, perfectly concluding the video.

We are so glad Arlene refreshed her look and can now feel confident on the inside and outside! Hopkins works true magic!

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