By Alexa Lynn

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to planning a proposal. The creeping thought and doubt of what if your special someone says no is all too real! Then having to plan it, and figure out the logistics and sorting out how to make it special and tailor it to his/her liking…. yikes! There’s a lot of moving parts in order to get it just right. And then keeping it a secret up until that point?! It’s kind of a big deal. And whether you choose to go subtle or grand, as long as it’s a yes, you’re winning!

Well, this guy kinda went above and beyond for his lucky lady, and she had absolutely no idea. Zero. Nada. Nil. Which is what makes it all that much better!

When Paul was deciding how he wanted to pop the question, he chose to go for an elaborate setup. He enlisted 30 musicians and dancers to go incognito until the grand reveal. The surprise starts out like any ordinary early weekday night. They are out for dinner, and it’s all very normal. They are seated outdoors, when he tells her he’ll be right back, presumably to use the washroom or something to that extent.

He leaves, then the violinists come out. They are playing beautifully, but it’s not enough to tip her off. Moments later, a group of men starts to sing acapella. It’s John Legend’s “All of Me,” and they are surrounding her, but not so intrusively that she thinks she has something to do with it. The group carries on for a couple of minutes until Paul comes out with a guitar and takes over the vocals.

The gig is up, she’s clued in and it’s all about her. This is a pretty romantic, public gesture. Click above to see her reaction and what happens when he gets down on one knee!