I love when young people appreciate good music. It’s great to see children searching for and finding music that can stand the test of time rather than just listening to whatever happens to be popular or on the top-40 charts. While Popular Music of today has its merit – usually in the dance club – when a young person goes out and actively seeks out music they can fall in love with – rather than just the flavor of the week – they prove they have musical tastes.

And the audience, listening to this four-year-old girl belt out a classic that is ten-times older than her cannot deny the appeal of her passion for music, for which she lacks nothing.

Sophie Fatu might be only four in the video below, but she’s got an old soul. And her music choice proves that because she goes beyond the Billboard charts of her day and seeks out a track to sing for the crowd that has been touching people’s hearts for decades.

While she may be young, she’s proving to be a force in the music industry. And when you hear her sweet voice belt out classic songs, like the Frank Sinatra covers she does on her YouTube account, you’ll fall in love like thousands of others have.


She was only on YouTube a short while before a talent scout picked her out from the masses. You can tell that she is going places, so they got her onto Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots” to sing a song that the audience loved.

While the TV appearance was the first time Sophie sang for a live audience, she was confident and ready for anything. Despite the pressure of singing for a studio audience and the millions of people watching at home, she allowed her passion for singing to take her where she needed to go. And now there is no stopping Sophie Fatu.

In the video, listen to this adorable girl belt out “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. It’s one of her favorite songs to sing, and she does a beautiful job singing it in front of Steve Harvey and the television audience. Her parents must be so proud.

While she is small and young, Sophie has the natural ability to retain the crowd’s attention. She commands them and makes sure their eyes stay on her, and their ears keep focused on her voice. It makes a big difference.

While another child singer might be concerned since they’re the youngest performer on the stage, she does not waver for a second. And while Sophie has a great voice, she also has something else that just cannot be taught – stage presence and charisma.

Watch her performance below. You’ll be amazed.

At one point during her rendition of “My Way,” you can see the audience jump from their seat. They’re drawn into her so much that she can influence how they react. What a blooming talent! Take a few moments to watch her performance. Even Steve Harvey is impressed.

What’s your reaction to this young singer?


Source: awm.