Some people will do anything for attention. That’s what some people thought this teen was doing, but when his neighbor’s dog got trapped in a raw sewage pipe, 14-year-old Antonio Luis Agosto realized it was his chance to become a hero. Armed with a flashlight, Agosto crawled through the muck to get to the dog, which had just been hit by a speeding car. After an exhaustive search of the raw sewage pipe, Agosto was successful, finding the dog named Tinquinho and helping free it from the sewer.

While the 17-year-old dog was lifted out of the hole in the ground, Agosto found that it was not as easy to get out of the raw sewage pipe as it was for him to get into it. Agosto soon found himself in an even more precarious situation as the dog. While he was the person helping the dog get out, no one was able to do the same for the teen, which meant he was trapped in the sewers of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thankfully, the teen had people around him. And they were able to help lift him out of the murky underside of the city.

As it turned out, Agosto was lauded with the hero status that he was hoping to receive. The dog’s owner, Ronaldo Luciano da Silva spoke to G1 about how Agosto did a great job saving the life of the poor old dog.

“I opened the door (of my home), and he escaped and was hit by the car. I saw that he fell into the pipe, but I figured he’d gone straight to the stream.”

After the car struck the dog, it sped away trying to distance itself from the crime like a coward. But the dog was thrust into the sewer pipe from the force of the impact.

While the dog’s owner and others hesitated, “Antonio got straight in to get him.”

After searching for the dog in the sewer, Agosto was able to lift the pooch out. Not long after that, Tinquinho the dog was rushed to a veterinary clinic nearby and treated for serious injuries to his abdominal area. The hit-and-run driver who sped away following the accident did quite a number on the dog, but not enough to end its life. Although the dog is old, he is tough.

“When he was run over, the car crushed his abdomen, causing a full-length injury to his belly,” the veterinarian said. “It’s a big cut for his size, but he’s being treated with antibiotics and painkillers, and the prospect of recovery is very good.”

The video was captured as Agosto searched for the dog in the sewer. In just 60 seconds, you can watch him lift the dog from the mess and hand him over to someone eager to help.

Readers at Daily Mail shared their reactions to the heroic act.

“Bless the boy with a heart. Hope your rewards are many for this kind act of respect for life.”

“So young but has already developed bravery and awareness of morality and a desire to help living creatures in distress. This is a remarkable young man. I would like to see an interview with his parents who clearly know how to raise a child properly.”

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