We’ve seen many odd animal friendship pairings over time, but this one may be the most unusual yet.

Dogs are usually loyal to their humans, but sometimes, their natural instincts as a parent may cause them to switch sides.

Proof of this is in a hilarious video of a German Shepherd protecting a lobster from her hungry owners.

Unusual Buddies

Little Sami may have only known her new buddy for a few minutes at the time the video was captured, but it seems like they had already bonded pretty well. Just look at how she protects the poor crustacean.

Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

Her owners definitely didn’t expect this dilemma. After all, all they really wanted to do after shopping was to go home and cook a fancy dinner for the family that night. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of introducing the motherly Sami to one of their lobsters first.

Determined to save dinner, the family did their best to get Sami to give up her new friend. But Sami is just so much more determined, even throwing tantrums whenever a hand would reach out to try and grab the lobster from under her.

She even seems to be crying at some points during the battle to save the lobster. The empathetic Sami probably knew what was in store for the little creature if it was successfully brought into the kitchen.

Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

Sweet Breed

The situation was surely a surprise, but it’s great that Sami’s family took it lightly. In fact, her owner said that they’ve previously noticed Sami’s protective side with other baby animals before.

In a video that has been seen almost five million times, Sami’s owner opened up about the predicament:

“My wonderful German Shepherd, Sami, has always had a motherly side to her even though she has never had puppies of her own. I’ve seen it with babies, kittens, even my pet snake. However, we were very surprised to see her act protective over one of the lobsters we had planned to eat for a lobster dinner. She would show her teeth to my brother’s dog and hide the lobster under her head and even put her legs around it so we couldn’t take it away from her!”

Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

The dog breed is known for a strong instinct to protect their family and property. This personality trait is definitely a positive one but has also been used to justify the false bad rep that’s attached to German Shepherds.

Fortunately, Sami’s determination to protect a friend could help in reversing any negative thoughts about the often gentle and always lovable dog breed.

Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

Speculations Abound

As expected, people had plenty of positive and negative things to say about the video.

There are those who expressed doubt whether Sami was protecting the lobster because she wanted to adopt it or because she just wanted to it eat herself.

Meanwhile, some speculate that the dog actually thought that the poor creature was a toy and didn’t want to let it go.

Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

They agreed on one thing, though. They all thought that it was one of the most unusual situations they had ever seen.

Seafood isn’t really a common dog food, given the fact that plenty of seafood can actually be toxic when eaten by our canine buddies.

Phew, good thing Sami only wanted to play and protect her little lobster buddy.

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