It’s so important for teenagers to feel included and accepted by their peers. One group of high schoolers in Toledo, Ohio care about their classmate so much they went above and beyond to let her know they care.

Members of the Waite Lady Indians softball team at Waite High School are all part of a team group chat. But recently, they noticed one of their teammates wasn’t sending messages… so they took it upon themselves to fix the situation.

The teen missing from the group chat had broken her old phone and couldn’t afford a replacement. When her teammates heard, they all decided to pitch in to surprise her with a new one. Their coach recorded as one of the players handed the girl a purple gift bag, excitedly encouraging her to open it.

When she sees what’s inside, she’s clearly stunned. “Are you kidding me?” she asks, grinning. All she can do is stand and smile for a few moments as she realizes how amazing her teammates are. But they didn’t just buy her a phone; they also covered the activation fee and paid for service for the rest of the school year!

The softball coach uploaded the sweet video to Facebook, writing, “This is why I roll my eyes when people questions why I love teaching & coaching high schoolers. Those people don’t realize how amazing kids can be.”

Thousands watched the footage, impressed with the teens’ willingness to help their friend out.

“Thank you, girls, for your generosity and compassion. And, thank you PARENTS, for teaching your daughters values!” one person wrote. Others even offered to pay for additional months of service!

As their coach put it, this video captures “truly what it means to be a team.” Great job girls, for having your teammate’s back and making sure she isn’t left out!