Musical talent is an odd thing. Some people have none while others seem born with music in their blood.

One Texas music teacher is used to seeing students with different levels of talent. That didn’t stop her from being blown away by one boy’s ability.

It began with a simple lesson. The teacher, Stacy Caldwell at Wilmeth Elementary School, decided to teach the students about rhythm with “bucket drumming.” This is when people use plastic buckets (and sometimes other everyday objects) to create music.

When most of the students used their drumsticks, the results were typical. When a new student, Alijah, used his, everything stopped. He didn’t drum the simple rhythm that Stacy had expected. Instead, he pounded out a complicated pattern that revealed a raw, undeniable talent.

When his teacher marveled over his ability, Alijah told her that he’d once had a drum kit. He’d never taken a lesson, but he’d enjoyed practicing on his own. Stacy’s heart broke when he revealed that a house fire had destroyed his drums. His family didn’t have the funds to get him new ones.

Like any good teacher, Stacy felt compelled to help in some way. She posted about Alijah’s situation on Facebook, asking her followers if any of them had a drum set.

Astounded by the young boy’s innate talent, people began sharing her post. People from all over came together to give Alijah drums and other items that a budding musician needs.

Stacy arranged for Alijah to meet with her after school. She lavished him with praise about his humble spirit and good personality. She didn’t tell him about the drum kit hidden under a tarp nearby.

Then she dropped her bombshell. She removed the tarp and told Alijah that this was only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to those drums, he’d also be getting an electric set and everything he’d need to nurture his talent.

Alijah’s reaction was priceless, moving quickly from shock to unbridled joy.

His story is a great reminder of the impact one awesome teacher can have not just on one student but on her entire community.

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