Go big or go home, right? That’s what they say. When it comes to celebrating a loved one’s birthday, sometimes it’s all about the grand gesture.

And maybe it’s even a little about the biggest prank in birthday history. All in good fun, of course. When two brothers decided on the perfect way to celebrate their dad’s 62nd birthday, there was no going back.

Mike Ferry and Chris Ferry Jr. wanted to make sure their dad, the senior Chris Ferry, knew how much they love and appreciate him.

What better way to show him than to put his name and face and phone number on a billboard just outside Atlantic City?

“I just wanted to wish him an extra special birthday,” Mike Ferry told WLNY-TV. “I just wanted to say I love my dad, I love my family, and I’m really glad he’s getting attention because he’s a great guy.”

The billboard reads, “Wish my dad happy birthday — Love, Your Sons.” The dad’s phone number is included along with a photo of his face.

Mike Ferry added that his dad “always puts others first, especially me and my brother.” A billboard was certainly a big way to return the favor.

Chris Ferry Sr. said that his sons used to play an ongoing joke on him when they’d go out to eat.

“They would always tell the waiter, waitress it’s my birthday, even though it wasn’t,” he told WLNY.

Now it truly is his birthday, or on March 16 it will be, and everyone knows about it. The calls and texts started pouring in.

Ferry admitted that, at first, he wasn’t too happy his sons put his phone number out there for the world to see.

“I think I’ve had 15,000 calls, texts and Facebook hits in the last three days,” Ferry told WPBF. “I’ve received texts from all over the world, as far as the Philippines, Kenya, Luxembourg. It’s been crazy.”

Crazy is right. What his sons imagined would remain local quickly escalated into something bigger.

“We wanted it to be a birthday for him to remember,” son Chris Ferry Jr. told KYW News Radio. “Yeah, there was a little piece of me that was scared at first, putting his phone number out there, but we thought to ourselves ‘go big or go home.”’

They did at that. There’s still time to wish this “billboard dad” a happy 62nd before March 16. Just call or text Ferry at (561) 307-4879.

With all the calls and texts pouring in, we have a feeling after that he might be changing his number if he hasn’t already. He has certainly become quite the celebrity!