School talent shows are such a fun opportunity for kids to get together and flex their teamwork skills. It’s an opportunity to work on something as a group that isn’t a school project! Plus, this is way more fun and interactive, and so much more creative.

Usually, when we see school talent shows, it’s a dance to a popular song. But, this mini troupe has something much different in store. These boys put together something entirely different than anyone was expecting which became, quite literally, a roaring success! They spent a month concocting this wild idea, and brought their vision to fruition when they graced the stage in front of all of their friends, family, teachers, and classmates!

From an elementary school in St. Charles, Illinois, USA, a group of six boys, who have previously performed together twice, take the stage to deliver an exceptional show that had everyone in stitches. The video opens to the boys being introduced: “We’ve seen them as synchronized swimmers. They’ve entertained you as the Von Trapps. This year they call themselves ‘Fountains.’” Before they are even onstage, we’re only beginning to understand that these boys have a reputation for their delightful humor and ability to have fun!

The boys appear on stage dressed in togas, wearing laurel wreaths around their heads, and clutching metal canisters on their shoulders. The lights go down, and Enya’s immediately-recognizable (at least for us over the age of 10) “Only Time” comes on, not the kind of song I’d imagine fourth graders would choose – but wait, they’re only getting started!

What follows is a funny display of elegant roughhousing. Taking after an ancient Roman fountain, the boys have put together a skit where they have choreographed intentional movement to take on the behavior of a fountain statue – literally, spit water. They move around each other in a line and drink water from their canister only to imitate what a fountain does. Each boy becomes a spout and delivers a stream of water onto the next boy in line. Suddenly, the title of their performance becomes clear! Points for creativity and cleverness!

Click below to watch these six school kids bring a unique concept to life!