By Alexa Lynn

Identical twins are exactly that, identical. They look alike, talk alike, move alike, are dressed alike, and often act alike when they’re young (and sometimes when they’re older too)! But, once twins start maturing, this is when their personalities start to form. They become a little less like the other and more like themselves.

Which is why identical twins are so interesting. Even though everything about them appears the same, they can have very different personalities. While some of this is due to genes, it’s also what each twin is exposed to, meaning that the environment also plays a part in shaping their character.

Both twins won’t go through the exact same things at the exact same time during the course of their lives, therefore, they will naturally become more unique. This video is a perfect example of how that’s already happening to these two cute baby girls. These little cuties are dressed to the nines, wearing elaborate headpieces, donning multiple necklaces and wearing cutely patterned onesies while sitting in the living room with mom and dad. They may look alike, but their attitudes couldn’t be the more polar opposite!

The two girls are adorable. They’ve been best friends from the moment they were conceived, and it’s hard to split them up – they want to do everything together! Even though they’re a 2 for 1 kind of package deal, it seems as though today is the day they are starting to have different worldviews.

While the girls are sitting, the beloved children’s song, “Old McDonald” is playing in the back. It’s the go-to song that usually gets every kid in the room dancing. The girl on the left is loving it, dancing and singing, laughing and swaying from side to side. Meanwhile, little sweetie on the right isn’t having any of it. She tosses her happy-go-lucky sister a couple of disapproving looks, before looking back down in her lap at the tablet, trying to ignore her giddy sister. They’re both dressed up, ready for a day out, but the right twin is in serious need of cheering up! Like the title suggests, one will definitely turn out to be a morning person while the other might need to hit snooze a few times before rolling out of bed. Can you guess which one is which?

Click the video above to watch the twins make mom and dad giggle up a storm! Glad they got the camera out just in time for this one!