A heartwarming video from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida shows the moment a police sergeant bought a meal for a homeless man.

While law enforcement officers certainly have to navigate dangerous situations, they also spend time building positive relationships with the communities they’ve sworn to serve and protect.

On Feb. 6, the OCSO posted a video of a random act of kindness that was captured on a police sergeant’s body cam.

“Sergeant Chris Joseph frequently has to eat on the run,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Joseph, a member of the Community Oriented Policing Squad, regularly grabs a bite to eat from Wawa, a gas station and convenience store with a location in Orlando, Florida.


While Joseph was there, he recognized someone who is also a regular at the gas station, a man who “frequently doesn’t have the opportunity to eat at all.”

Without a word, Joseph went into the gas station and purchased two lunches, one for himself, and the second for the homeless man.

The video footage shows the kind exchange between the two men as Joseph approached, holding his purchases in hand.

The homeless man told Joseph that he planned to hang out at the gas station just for a few minutes, but Joseph wasn’t concerned with loitering.

“Did you eat today?” Joseph asked, getting right to the heart of the matter.

“No sir,” the man responded.

“You want something to eat?” Joseph asked.

“Yes sir,” came the honest reply.

With a genuine friendliness and warmth in his voice, Joseph handed over a full meal to the man, including a sandwich wrap, chips and a soda.


“Thank you, buddy,” the homeless man said.

“Not a problem,” Joseph said.

The men said goodbye and wished each other a good day.

The simple, but authentic exchange shows the heart of many law enforcement officers across America. The police department posted the video as an example of how their deputies treat people on a daily basis.

“Our Deputies commit these Random Acts of Kindness every day,” the department wrote. “This one just happened to be caught on body cam.”

Source : westernjournal.