A child’s first experience in his or her church can be an incredibly emotional moment for the whole family. This is the precise event that will hopefully change their life for the better!

Their first visit to the church is the very moment where they establish their connection to faith and make a connection with the church members and congregation. However, this little one’s first church experience is going to be something to remember – just not for the reason you think!


Instead of resting peacefully while the choir practice, he wanted to join along too. Thank goodness Mom had her camera running the whole time!

It’s incredibly rare for children this young to sing – it isn’t until they’re toddlers that they really start picking up certain notes and trying them out! Children like hearing the sound of their own voices and quickly start experimenting with the different highs, lows and funny sounds they can do!

But when it comes to this little one, he just feels God’s spirit and wants to share his excitement! His singing also could be him copying the sound of his mother’s voice as she sings.

No matter the reason, the entire church was blown away by this moment and gathered around to watch! Everyone had a smile on their faces and a few let out a couple giggles!

Even though Mom assumed it would be years before her son joined the choir, it seems like it’s about time for him to join! It’s such a blessing to watch this adorable newborn sing along with his entire church choir.

This little one is so absolutely adorable to watch and hear. It will be so exciting to see if this little sweetheart ends up joining the church choir with Mom down the road.

Moments like this happen rarely in life – and we’re so glad to be able to watch it online! Take a peek at his heartwarming choir session in the clip below.


Source: sharetap.