It seems that every childhood is filled with at least one or two solid memories of mischief involving a pair of scissors, or in this case, an electric razor.

The children in the Plucknette household just learned a valuable lesson about the electric razor and all the glorious handiwork to be found in buzzing the hair off one another’s heads.

Stephanie Plucknette, a nurse from Texas, shared her story on Instagram, in tears over what her son Teddy did to his own hair and to his two younger siblings’ hair.

Plucknette left her kids to their own devices for about ten minutes as she got ready for work, according to her video.


When she came out of the shower, Plucknette found that her small children had much less hair than they had before, with the majority of little Eloise’s hair buzzed off in the back.

Humorously, her two cute little pigtails were still intact.

Big brother Teddy also took the clippers to his own head, shaving off large chunks in various places.

“Did you cut Fred’s hair?” Plucknette asked, referring to the baby of the family.

“A little bit,” Teddy admitted.

Plucknette laughed, noting that at least Teddy was being honest!

Plucknette was visibly upset over her kids’ antics, but she recovered pretty well, eventually laughing and telling her kids it would turn out OK.

“OK it’s just hair and it’s going to grow back and Mommy’s OK,” she told them.

Plucknette told her daughter not to worry about her dramatic new cut, that she was still an adorable little girl who would just have to style her hair a little differently for awhile.

As for Teddy, his haircut was a bit easier to rectify. The boy got a full buzz cut, ensuring his hair would grow back evenly as time went on.

The moment will likely become a cherished family memory someday — maybe once all that hair has grown back.

Did your young kids ever cut one another’s hair?

Source: westernjournal.