Parents know that it takes just a few seconds and a mere one inch of water for their children to lose their lives in an accidental drowning. More than 1,000 children perish in drownings every single year and most occur in the family’s backyard pool.

But when mom Julia Thrash ran to the bathroom quickly while her one-year-old daughter Jayah was engrossed in a TV show, she had no idea that her daughter was about to become a statistic. Julia had been battling the flu and needed to escape to the restroom.


When she returned to the living room minutes later, her daughter was gone. Her stomach dropped when she saw the back door cracked opened.

Julia instantly realized that Jayah had toddled outside, which is where the family’s pool is at. The Arizona mom told Fox10 that she rushed outside and stumbled upon the most horrific sight.


Her daughter was floating face down in the pool by the edge. She began screaming and dragged her daughter out of the pool.

“It’s the worst panic and anxiety and fear and everything all at one time.”

Julia rushed inside with Jayah and quickly called 911 while she began performing CPR. Her daughter had been submerged for an estimated five minutes.

“It’s like your worst nightmare ever coming true, you know you hear about it all the time, and then it’s actually happening in your own house, in your own pool, with your own child.”

Julia can be heard screaming “Jayah wake up, come back!” on the 911 recording to dispatch. She said her little girl was lifeless and freezing cold. 

When first responders arrived at Julia’s home, she was ushered into an adjoining room while they worked fervently to revive the baby. Jayah then was transported to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center where Julia heard those gut-wrenching words:

“We’re sorry, there is nothing more we can do.”

Jayah was pronounced deceased 1.5 hours after her mom first found her lifeless in the family pool. Shockingly, the local police department initially declared the event suspicious and launched a homicide investigation.

Julia and her husband Justin could not hold their daughter one last time, could not say goodbye to her because of that. Quite a bit of time lapsed before the medical team made a shocking discovery…


The doctor walked into the waiting room and informed the Thrashes that there had been a sudden turn in events. Jayah was breathing!

Julia explained to Fox 10 News:

“…I just looked at her like I didn’t understand what language she was speaking, because we had for an hour been sitting there, told our baby was gone.”

While nurses were in the room contacting the medical examiner’s office to come retrieve Jayah’s body, she suddenly coughed. She had come back to life!

“She had a bounding pulse, her heart just started beating, just like that. She had been laying on the table, and she just started beating again.”

Jayah was loaded up and flown by air ambulance to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where she passed in and out of life several times. Medical professionals warned Julia and Justin to be “cautiously optimistic” considering how many times Jayah had been without a pulse.

“They really didn’t think that she would ever recover. Kids just don’t recover from drownings. It was awful to sit and see her like that and not know, is her brain going to work? Is she ever going to be okay? Will she ever talk again? Will she ever do anything like she did before? It was tough because we didn’t know.”


Much to their delight, an MRI scan showed no signs of major brain damage. She then responded when Mom put Chapstick on her lips by licking them.

It took an immense amount of time before Jayah had a breakthrough. She had to remember how to walk, talk and even smile again. 

Weeks later, Jayah finally was released to return home. Julia testified that numerous doctors and nurses claimed in their 20 years of practice, nothing like this had ever happened.

Her parents are well aware of what a miracle Jayah is. When they were reunited with the first responders, the grown men had tears in their eyes. Julia told Fox 10:

“I’m just thankful and thankful to God for giving us this gift and to be able to sit here and say to you, I have a miracle, and it’s Jayah. it’s amazing.”


She knew her story needed to be shared. And we’re so glad she did!

Source : faithtap.