Ann was in desperate need of help. Her 21-year-old daughter, Christina, had recently graduated college and was still living at home — and treating her bedroom like a pigsty.

The giant heaps and countless piles of clothes, trash, and boxes were literally pushing Christina out of her room. It got so bad that she resorted to sleeping on the floor in her younger brother’s room!

With the help of the Rachael Ray Show, organization expert Peter Walsh stepped in to assess Christina’s space and transform it entirely.

Even Peter described Christina’s room as “terrifying.” He noted that clutter can accumulate over time and become so overwhelming that people don’t even know how to begin the cleaning process.

First, Peter had Christina group everything she owned into three separate categories: keep, donate, and trash.

He then offered a piece of helpful advice: to completely reassess all belongings every five years and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore.

But before you make any snap judgments, wait until Christina reveals the deep-rooted and heartbreaking reason she had such a difficult time throwing away her unnecessary belongings.