For some people with a breakup comes drinking, drinking a lot. Many opt to drown their sorrows with a pint of lager, others will neck as many triple (alright, quadruple) vodkas as they can get their mitts on but everyone’s different – for me it’s a concoction of anything, literally anything.

When it comes to this savage YouTuber, his tipple of choice is Scotch Whisky, he loves it so much that he drinks it (and reviews it) as his wife is packing her belongings and moving out right behind him.

The man reviews one of his ‘all-time favourite’ Scotch Whisky’s while his partner moved out of their house behind him. 

And this is exactly the amount of fucks I aspire to have next time I’m in his situation. But let’s not take sides, we don’t know what’s gone on between this guy and his partner.

What we do know is that he had a ‘reasonably successful’ week at work (see what I mean about no fucks) and he takes it upon himself to give an explanation for the ‘disarray’ behind him.

“Well, Cindy and I are breaking up,” he explains. “She’s moving out and the way I can enjoy that – no, it’s hard, it’s really fucking hard – but I’m going to have some Laphroaig 10.” He definitely wouldn’t have corrected himself by saying it was ‘hard’ if she wasn’t right behind him.

And for those of you who aren’t connoisseurs, Laphroaig 10 is an Islay single malt Scotch Whisky. Not only that, it’s a full-bodied, smoky gem with a residual sweetness and hint of salt. According to The Whisky Exchange that is because I’m no connoisseur either.

That’s when Cindy, or at least who we presume to be Cindy, enters the room and begins to grab and browse for items that belong to her – at the exact moment her ex cracks the whisky open, commending it as he goes: “Oh good pop on that one.”

He pours himself a glass and begins to sniff away – because that’s the thing to do, apparently. That’s when he announces: “I’m not smelling much, even my sniffer’s out of whack.”

Can’t help but wonder whether he’s blocked up for all the tears he’s been crying. But eventually his nose kicks into gear: “Oh, here it comes, here it comes”.

The YouTuber says that the tipple is one of his all-time favourites. 

So when it comes to the review of one of his ‘all-time favourites’ what’s the low down? “Road tar, smoke and more road tar,” sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

At this point, as the guy is explaining the whisky’s ‘medicinal quality’, Cindy interrupts his flow saying: “Bye,” to which he responds, looking ever so slightly over his shoulder: “Bye,” before immediately continuing: “It’s almost like there’s a honey note to it.” OUCH.

According to some fans, the couple started the YouTube channel together, reviewing food as a pair – and this slowly turned into him reviewing alcohol alone.