10-year-old Karolina Protsenko, a violinist, was practicing outside when she received an unexpected visitor. A squirrel appeared out of nowhere and stayed to hear her play. She was practicing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” when the squirrel passed through. She continued to play even when the squirrel meant to leave. But it seemed the squirrel was hypnotized by Karolina’s violin skills and stayed to listen to the rest of the song.

According to veterinarians, Leanne Alworth, and Shawna Buerkle, in their paper “The effects of music on animal physiology, behavior and welfare,” “The changes in physiology, cognition and brain chemistry and morphology induced by music have been studied in animal models, providing evidence that music may affect animals similarly to humans.” So that means, whatever effect violin or classical music has on us has the same or similar effect on animals. Just as humans would stop when they hear Karolina’s public performances, this squirrel also had the same feeling when he passed through Karolina during her practice.

Karolina Protsenko is a 10-year-old violinist, born and raised in the United States. She has been playing the violin since she was six years old and has already released an album with her cover versions of “Fix You” by Coldplay, the classic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, and Disney movie, Frozen’s, famous theme song “Let It Go.”

She has almost 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel plus more than 100,000 views on her videos, with one even reaching 4.7M views! That’s her cover of Sunflower from Spiderman: Into The Verse. Her videos on YouTube feature her performances in public places outside, where crowds gather around her and watch her perform popular songs on her violin.

Her subscribers loved this video! One subscriber said, “Cool. It looked like those Disney moments when the princess sings and the cute animals come.” Another one was jealous of the squirrel, “That must be one rich squirrel to be able to afford his own private concert.” And someone else said, “It proves not only humans but also animals love music.”

Her Facebook has more than 200,000 followers and her fans keep looking forward to visiting her page and channel to brighten their days with her performances. Some say, “Let this great girl be role model for our kids.” While others say, “You have the voice of an angel, incredible talent.” And others say, “What an incredible talent! This young lady is so good and has great stage presence. I love listening to her.” 

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