Unfortunately for Lil Nas X, this is probably about the end of his “Old Town Road.”

Unless they plan on re-remixing the song for the 11th time, the music video is pretty much the last step before we put this meme of a song out to pasture. He played Stagecoach, did the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, might make a few more random-ass appearances, but that’s it. We’re about 14 minutes into those 15 minutes of fame.

That being said, the new music video starts out as a Tarantino-style spaghetti western, but then loses me from there. Lil Nas X is racing his horse and then him and Billy Ray end up at some old folks bingo hall… I don’t know, it’s all over the place. Chris Rock, Diplo and some others make a few cameo appearances as well.