Kate Middleton has her work cut out for her! Not only is the Duchess of Cambridge deeply devoted to her many charities and patronages, but now she’s chasing after another little one. During a visit to the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre in London, Kate revealed to a group of moms that Prince Louis is on the move.

The visit to the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre is actually tied to the duchess’s visit to Blackpool last week. During the visit, William and Kate visited Revoe Park. The park transformed from an area where addicts would gather into a family-friendly park and community garden thanks to the organization A Better Start, which has launched the Parent and Infant Relationship Service to help support parents and caregivers, as well as young children.

Kate’s visit to Henry Fawcett was to learn how the service, implemented by Lambeth Early Action Partnership, is helping young families feel supported.

Kate Middleton has been opening up about her family more during various royal outings. It’s easy to see that being a relatable and approachable member of the royal family is very important to her.

Children are also very important to William and Kate. Many of their charities and patronages focus on helping children throughout the crucial early years of life.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Today The Duchess of Cambridge is visiting the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre @HF_CC to see how @LeapLambeth are using the Parent and Infant Relationship Service (PAIRS) to support parents, carers and their children.

In support of one of these programs, Kate visited the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre in London. She hung out with some of the parents there and discussed how the programs are supporting parents, caretakers, and children.

One of the moms who chatted with Kate is named Kriti. She was at the center with her 9-month-old son Kameron when the duchess dropped by.

According to People, Kriti told reporters, “She took one look at Kameron and said, ‘Oh, he wants to go walkies.’ Apparently her son is cruising, and she said she was running after him all the time.”

That’s right, not only has little Prince Louis mastered the art of crawling, but he’s ready to stand on his own two feet. Kate reportedly told the parents, “Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time.”

She even noted that he’s been enjoying playing with little walkers. She said, “He has got these little walkers and is bombing around in them.”

It sounds like the little prince is taking after his big sister! The duke and duchess released a sweet picture of Princess Charlotte with a wooden walker on her first birthday.

Prince Louis will be celebrating his first birthday in just a few short weeks! He’ll turn 1 on April 23, 2019.


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Circle of Security is one of two universal programmes that is offered to all parents with children of 0 to 4 years @HF_CC.

It helps parents and care givers better understand their child’s emotions, and enhances the development of their child’s self-esteem.

Kate also talked to parents about their favorite parts of parenting while playing with the kids. Another mother, Finesse, told reporters Kate’s answer: “She was asking about the best thing for us as parents and told us that for her it was getting hugs from her kids.”

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It’s so valuable that the Duchess of Cambridge is visiting A Better Start sites like @LeapLambeth (of which @NCBtweets is a leading partner), to hear first hand how innovative early intervention can make a difference to young children in poorer communities. @TNLComFund

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Today The Duchess of Cambridge is visiting the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre @HF_CC to see how @LeapLambeth are using the Parent and Infant Relationship Service (PAIRS) to support parents, carers and their children.

Finesse, who was there with her nearly 2-year-old twin girls, also told Kate about the help and support she’s getting through the center’s program. “I told her that I felt very isolated, and how much it had supported me. It enabled me to meet other mums and twins, which has been incredibly helpful,” she explained.

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The Duchess of Cambridge joins parents and their toddlers taking part a ‘Together Time’ session offered by @LeapLambeth and PAIRS, which is designed to support parents’ ability to understand their child’s cues and feel more confident in their parenting.

The parents who got the opportunity to chat with the duchess were impressed by her demeanor. “She was just lovely, really down to earth. I never thought she would come down and sit with us, but she did,” Finesse revealed, according to People.

Kate is very dedicated to focusing on the commonalities of parenting and making the experience positive for all families.

“She just wanted to chat about what it was like to be a mum,” Finesse said. “She said that we all had our ups and downs as parents, regardless of who we are.”

With three mobile kids under age 6, it’s a wonder that the duchess has a moment to catch her breath. Seeing how supportive she is of other moms and the ins and outs of their lives shows just how much parenting means to her.