Sometimes it’s easy to forget how advanced modern medical science is. It was relatively recently in the span of human history that doctors were using leeches as a primary cure for multiple ailments, and today we have scientists working on creating synthetic blood for transfusions. However, one of the most impressive advancements is in the field of birth.

There are so many things that can prevent a couple who is in love and ready to have a child from getting pregnant and giving birth. Infertility can be the result of many issues for either or both partners, so it makes sense that many advancements would have to happen to solve all of those problems. One major solution is in vitro fertilization. 
On July 25th, 1978, a baby girl was born by the name of Louise Brown, and her birth is notable as being the first successful IVF birth ever. Now, nearly 40 years later, the number of these assisted births has skyrocketed. In a report, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology stated that their assisted birth facilities handled 61,740 live births.
These numbers can easily be overwhelming, and it isn’t until you see the human side of IVF that you realize how important it is. Devin and Erica never thought they were going to be able to give birth to a child of their own, but thanks to medical miracles and the generosity of strangers they are now blessed with both a daughter and son.