In the middle of a cross-country flight from Massachusetts, a flight attendant turned on the intercom to ask if any passengers knew sign language.

A teenage girl named Clara Daly pressed the call button. Clara is dyslexic, and since she has a difficult time with the English language, she had started learning sign language so she could communicate without having to read and write.

The flight attendant told Clara there was a passenger on board who was blind and deaf. The staff thought he needed something, but no one could communicate with him.

Though the teen had only picked up sign language a year ago, she was more than happy to step in.

She sat beside the man, who she learned was named Tim, grabbed his hands, and began signing words, letter by letter, so he could feel them. Her proud mother took out her camera and began filming the heartwarming and powerful encounter, never thinking it would go viral.

Tim told Clara he wanted water and asked how much time was left in the flight.

But then he asked for Clara a second time — and this time, she discovered something about Tim that had her sitting beside him for the rest of the flight.