In Texas, there are a group of young dancers who have been mesmerizing the nation for the last two decades. They’re associated with the Carroll Senior High School, but don’t let the fact that they’re a high school dance group fool you into thinking they’re not world class. These girls, who are known as the Emerald Belles, have received national recognition year after year because of their superior coach – and this dance performance is on you’re never going to forget.

The high kick is this group of girls’ signature move. They must practice it for hours on end because only that type of dedication could explain how they have managed to win award after award after award for their superb high kicks. Just like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or the Radio City Rockettes, the Emerald Belles can deliver a high kick that will knock your socks off.

The routine we’re sharing with you today is from the Showmakers of America Dance Competition. And these girls delivered a performance that the judges could not deny.

The routine begins with the girls, of which there are about two dozen, start in an inverted triangle. One dancer, whose back is to the camera, starts by lifting her right leg into the air. She then masterfully turns around as all the other girls lift their legs in a wave. Then in perfect unison, the group joins together until they’re delivering their signature high kicks.

From there the troupe separates into five different groups where they bounce to the music and kick high into the air. Soon they’re in four lines delivering sweeping kicks that are absolutely stunning to witness, even while watching on screen. These girls know how to dance as a unit. There’s no doubt about it.

The competition is rather fresh. It was held in 2018, and the video you’re going to watch below was uploaded in February 2018. They choreographed their routine to the concept of Daft Punk, the popular house band. Melissa Page directed and choreographed the dance. Curtis Harnagel was the creative director.

Unfortunately, comments were disabled for the video. If they had been allowed, we can almost guarantee they’d be flowing with applause and gushing compliments for the group that knows how to deliver a stellar performance, no matter what competition they’re in or what stadium they’re filling.

Melissa Page did a wonderful job choreographing the huge group to the Daft Punk hi “Around the World.” The dancers of the Emerald Belles know exactly what they’re doing and execute each move with finesse and perfection.

The dancers have the ability to stay in time with each other through each beat of the music. They are able to perform a world-class synchronized dance. There’s no question that the Emerald Belles are among the top groups in the country and possibly the world.

At the 2:26-mark in the video, you’ll see when the dancers form three circles. This is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire performance. Check it out now!

What do you think about the Emerald Belles?

Source: awm