Two crucial members of a wedding entourage are the maid of honor and the best man. The best people for the role are often siblings of the bride and groom, or their best friends. For brides-to-be, the maid of honor isn’t expected to just plan a memorable bridal shower and attend fittings and rehearsal dinners. The maid of honor’s responsibilities include helping with the overall wedding planning, decision making, and handling stressful situations (and people!) in order to keep the bride-to-be stress-free. The best man has the same duties, too. Providing moral support and keeping the groom relaxed and at his best also includes giving a killer speech – sometimes at the rehearsal dinner, often during the wedding reception.

Thankfully, there’s no rule that says the best man has to be a certain age. In this wedding, Nick, the groom picked the best person for the job: his seven-year-old son Vincent. We’re guessing he didn’t have a hand in planning the bachelor party but the speech he gave was definitely better than any night out with the guys. The young charmer didn’t even seem the least bit nervous at having to get up in front of all the guests and giving a speech.


He ran up to the front confidently, papers in hand, and got the microphone from the host. The seven-year-old best man sure could give the groomsmen a run for their money as he looked dapper and adorable in his formal wear. Vincent’s engaging speech was a mix of jokes, sweet anecdotes, and well wishes, making his father and his new stepmother, Lauren, emotional. One of the best parts was when, in his own cute way, the best man narrated instances where his dad proved how much of a superhero he was to his son.

How many newlyweds are given the privilege of having such a captivating young man deliver what could possibly be the best speech at their wedding? From stories that brought tears to the couples eyes to narratives that made the couple and everybody at the reception burst out laughing, Vincent’s speech definitely raised the bar.

Vincent ended his speech with a toast, which made the guests laugh even more especially when he playfully declined a glass of water being handed to him.

Nick and Lauren are definitely lucky to be sharing their once upon a time with Vincent.


Source: faithtap.