Daddy-daughter bonding time is precious. Children grow up so fast, it is important to spend as much time with them as you can while they are young. One dad knows this to be true, so he is always coming up with creative ways to connect with his daughter. Their latest video is absolutely hilarious – it will have you in tears.


The Eh Bee Family is always getting into quirky adventures. Their latest exploit is a car-ride karaoke video, in which the dad and daughter have a blast together making their very own music video. These two are just too cute together – if only all parent/child relationships were this strong.

The video starts out with Dad and daughter getting into the car and buckling up. “Can I choose the music?” the girl asks, to which the dad replies, “Sure.” Next comes the beat.

“I’m just going to dedicate this video to my favorite singer – Grace Vanderwaal y’all! ” the girl says with her right hand over her heart. It is clear that she is dedicate to this artist. Her song begins, and the little girl starts singing along.

The two even have their own choreography to go with the music. As Dad drives around, the little girl grooves to the tunes with her upper body. She looks around as if she were really inside the landscape of the song. It is incredible that a young girl can have so much confidence.

As the car pulls up to a stop sign, it is Dad’s turn to throw in some moves. He rocks out next to his daughter as she sings along to each changing song. The playlist consists mostly of music by Grace Vanderwaal, but some other jams make it into the list as well.

This dad and daughter had a blast recording their music video. They tried to seem serious in front of the camera, but it was obvious that they were both having a great time.

This daddy-daughter karaoke clip is just too cute. It is heartwarming to watch a child have such a great time with her parent, even as she nears the awkward teenage years. These two have a bond that can only get stronger as the years go by.

This is one music mash-up you won’t want to miss out on. The two performers had a great time recording the film, and it’s just as much fun to watch.

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