If you’ve ever taken public transportation in a big city, it’s likely that you never know what to expect. It could be a quiet and peaceful commute on the way to work, or it could be the surprise of a lifetime full of twists and turns! In between people quietly reading books, studying for school or just enjoying the ride, you’ll find people showing off their musical talents, trying to make friends or even smuggling dogs onto the train in their bags!

It’s a truly unpredictable situation and you never know what you’ll be getting yourself into once you step foot onto a train, bus, or subway. One man, Nazario Maisonet, is a New York City inhabitant who knows that public transportation can often be unpredictable.

A few years ago, Maisonet even recorded video of a unique situation that happened on the NYC subway. Thankfully, he posted the video so everyone else can enjoy the amazing sight! During his commute one day throughout the city, he found a duet named Jason and Eddie who play guitar and sing together!

While you may not expect much musical talent from two boys on the subway, you’d be surprised just how amazing their ability is!

While passengers are calmly sitting around the boys, Jason starts singing. But what would he sing in front of such a large audience? None other than Ed Sheeran’s hit song, ‘The A-Team!’

This song was nominated for Grammy awards and was critically acclaimed. Back in 2011, it was hard to go even a few minutes without hearing it being played on the radio!

Surely, Jason had a plan to show off his talent that day, and after watching the video, we’re convinced that he will have a long-lasting career in music if that’s what he decides to chase after! His voice is haunting and mesmerizing to those around him, and he shows no hesitation with the large crowd and noisy subway around him.

It’s a voice and scene you have to witness for yourself to believe! Thankfully, it seems like the two of these boys have continued to make music together since the video.

With their talent, they’re sure to be an inspiration to others. What do you think about Jason and Eddie’s tune? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to inspire them today!