Any parent will know the life changing joy experienced when welcoming a child into the world. Matt and Jodi Parry were delighted after they found out that they were going to have twins, preparing and counting down the days.


Twin girls Isabel and Abigail were born a couple weeks premature and had to spend time in the NICU. They would spend all their time looking at their girls and holding their hands, but one day the doctors approached the parents with some troubling news.

From the conversation they had with the doctor, the two words that stuck with them were “I’m sorry”. They had just learned that the girls were born with Down syndrome and it overwhelmed parents Matt and Jodi.

They weren’t prepared for it and were clueless about how to raise children with Down syndrome and how to properly care for them. But they never gave up, and today they are one big happy family!

Source : newsnowamerica.