If you’re a parent, you know that when you have your first baby and welcome that child into your family, your world will never be the same. From the newborn stage, babies demand so much attention. When they’re a little older, it doesn’t get any easier what with the temper tantrums and having to watch them every second so they don’t wander off.

Now, imagine having multiple children. If there’s an age gap, it can be helpful because the older children could potentially help out with the younger children, maybe even changing diapers or holding a bottle, but that’s a big maybe. Each child changes the family dynamic in a new way.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop had three boys, one who was nine years old and then 5-year-old twins. They wanted to add one more child to their family. One. That’s all. One more.

That’s when Courtney found out that she was actually pregnant with six babies. That would mean they would have a total of nine children.

Eric told TODAY, “If you would have asked me the way I felt when I found out we were having six babies, I guess I just thought it was going to be an impossible situation.”

The babies are now a year old, and Eric and Courtney have somehow managed not only to survive but to actually thrive. Courtney said, “I know that people would just say I’m just saying this, but honestly I would say that our relationship is stronger now than ever.”

The couple is thankful that the babies started sleeping at night at just four months old. That allows them to get enough sleep to function. Eric said, “It’s a different kind of exhaustion now. They’re doing great, even in those moments where we think we’re going to lose our minds.”

God’s Divine Nine-Sweet Home Sextuplets

If you’re wondering how on earth it would be possible to function with nine children, you can find out on the new TLC series about the family. It’s called “Sweet Home Sextuplets.”

Eric said, “We didn’t go into this wanting to be — I don’t even like the word — celebrities. We want to show the world what God has done for us, and how much we’ve been blessed by this situation. We want to show America how good God has been to us.”