Parents of little ones will try almost anything to get their babies to sleep. I’ve driven around the block more than a few times late at night when it was absolutely necessary.

Some babies fall asleep with a pacifier. Others need a rocking movement. Still, others fall asleep to the sound of a parent’s voice.

Musicians have the upper hand. I just so happen to be married to a guitar player and have watched firsthand how some gentle live music can be soothing.


Dads, in particular, seem to have that extra special magic touch at times. There will be nights I stand rocking my son for an hour only to hand him to his dad and the kid will fall right to sleep.

Social media dads have shared some of their gifts with the world, showing musical dads just how easy it is to use their talents to soothe.


Maybe it’s the way a dad can remain calm under pressure, or perhaps it’s the deep sound of their voice that works some sort of slumber magic.

Whatever it is, we’re amazed by how quickly some of these musical men are able to send their kiddos off to dreamland.


One country singer dad got really creative with his newborn. When mom was out one day, he decided to try a new soothing technique that has everyone in awe.

“My wife asked me to see if I could get our daughter to take a nap today because her and the ladies were busy doing something so we took a nap daddy’s way!!!” Comer wrote. “And it works every time!!”

Cody Comer’s viral video was shared over one million times in less than a week. When you watch how he rocks his baby daughter, you’ll understand why.


This is amazing! His daughter is so calm, we almost questioned whether or not she was real. But, she is, and we’re positive this must be the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

Way to go, Dad! Enjoy those moments while they last.

Pretty soon that little girl will be too big to sleep on a guitar and he’ll be teaching her to play her own. We have a feeling she’ll be just as talented as her daddy!

Source: westernjournal.