When a community comes together to support one of their members, it’s a beautiful and heartwarming sight to see.

Capt. Glenn Coffey Jr., who has been with the Sapulpa Police Department in Oklahoma for 22 years, has stage 4 liver disease. The condition is hereditary, and Coffey’s father was diagnosed with the same condition over a decade ago.

Thankfully, Coffey’s dad, who also served in the police force, received a successful liver transplant and survived.

Coffey and his family have been waiting to hear if he had been approved to be on the transplant list. They could only hope he was a candidate.

In the midst of waiting, a Facebook page was set up and a fundraising website was created. Through every moment, the community has stood behind the police captain.

The tagline “We Like Our Coffey Strong” follows this man around as he fights to survive until the day a transplant might be approved.

Now the first part of the wait is over. Coffey received the news that he is, in fact, a candidate for a liver transplant, KJRH-TV reported.

“My wife, my kids, unfortunately they’ve kind of had to grow up,” an emotional Coffey told KJRH. His eyes show so much love and gratitude for the support he’s received.

He still has a long road ahead, and a transplant needs to be approved by Coffey’s insurance. Still, a big hurdle has been overcome.

“We appreciate you all and acknowledge the hard work and effort you are putting forward,” a post thanking all the volunteers at a recent fundraiser read. “You guys are the BEST!”

There are more fundraisers ahead, too.”We Like Our Coffey Strong” T-shirts will be on sale through March 14. There is also a card fundraiser and softball tournament planned.

To stay up to date with all fundraising events and Capt. Coffey’s journey, visit CoffeyFund.org.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Capt. Coffey, and we are so glad he has such an amazing community around him.