Getting a car fixed is not easy. In fact, it’s doubly hard if it has a lot of parts that needs repair. Some auto repair shops try to help out their customers, but a car is still not cheap to maintain.

One woman had a problem with her brakes, but she didn’t have the money to get it fixed. She called every repair shop in her phone book, but she just didn’t have the money for even the cheapest one. So, she called her last option: a man who does it for free.


Candice Berry drives her son to and from school with an old car that has a problem with the brakes. The purge valve and the speedometer of her truck needed to be fixed, but it wasn’t as urgent as getting the brakes repaired.

This was the truck she and her son rode, and having problems with the brakes meant that Candice had to drive very carefully. One mistake could be tragic because she wouldn’t be able to brake in time.

It worried the single mother, who decided to call up auto repair shops and mechanics in her area of Mustang, Oklahoma. She made a call to several garages, but all of them asked for a price that was too steep.

Candice had a lot of bills to pay and not enough money to get the brakes repaired. She was in desperate need of help. She knew she couldn’t delay the repair of her breaks for long, so she went to her last resort, a man named Adam Ely.

Adam is the owner of Hard Luck Automotive, and he quoted Candice the price for the parts. Fortunately, Candice had the money for the parts, but she dreaded Adam’s answer when she asked how much he charges for labor. But Adam said that he didn’t charge for labor.

Candice was ecstatic, and she was more impressed with Adam’s availability and quick offer for help. In an interview with Oklahoma News 4, Candice said:

“I didn’t even anticipate him having that soon of an appointment or being able to help me that soon, so, yeah, it wouldn’t be getting done right now.”

Because of Adam’s offer of help and generosity, Candice nominated him for the First Fidelity Bank Pay It Forward Award. On the day that Adam was to fix Candice’s card, First Fidelity Bank came to present the award to him.

Adam was shocked to see so many people outside his house. Candice presented the award to the man, who still couldn’t believe his eyes. She said:

“Thank you so much. I’m grateful to be able to give this to him. I can’t think of a better person who takes time away from his family, who takes time away from things he could be doing for himself for strangers, and I’m just grateful.”
After the awarding, Adam got back to business and fixed Candice’s brakes. Many people go to Adam when they don’t have enough budget for the labor and diagnosis. Adam, likewise, said that he just wanted to help people. He wasn’t rich himself, but he could save people at least $150 worth of labor or diagnosis.

Adam’s kindness will always be valued and remembered in his local community.


Source: faithtap.