The annual Marine Corps Ball acts as a birthday party to celebrate the day the Continental Marines were established. And what’s a celebration without dancing? Sure, it’s a formal event and everyone is dressed to the nines. But that doesn’t mean that the attendees can’t cut loose!

It’s a popular event that the Marines look forward to each year, so it only makes sense that one Marine got into the spirit of things by starting a good old fashioned dance battle.


One Marine comes forward to show off his moves (lots of popping and locking); then another rises to the challenge. Pretty soon, there’s an epic back and forth as both sides show off their best dance steps.

Our favorite dance battle moment? Right here!

The crowd couldn’t get enough of these otherwise put-together soldiers letting loose on the dance floor.

With all that these brave men and women do to protect our country, it’s nice to watch them spend this night enjoying time with peers in a memorable (and hilarious) manner.

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Source: inspiremore.