Allen Lovegreen, 8, was heading home from school in Missouri. He and his older brother, Mitchell, were on their usual bus route when the ride took a terrifying turn.

Out of nowhere, Mitchell saw Allen struggling to breathe. The little boy was attempting to make some kind of noise.


Mitchell realized his brother was choking. He immediately screamed out for the bus driver, Carolyn Goering, to help.

As those crucial seconds passed, Allen says he feared he was going to die.

The school district for which Carolyn works reportedly does not require its drivers to take first-aid training. Thankfully, other bus companies for whom she’s worked did require CPR training.

Carolyn has children and grandchildren of her own, and she also treats the students like they’re her own kids. In all her years of working as a bus driver, she never needed or even expected to put those skills to use.

Without so much as a moment of hesitation, Carolyn sprinted to the back of the bus where Mitchell was screaming, and she ultimately saved Allen’s life.

This bus-driving grandma deserves all the recognition in the world.


Source: littlethings.