Every family has that one sibling that is crazier than the rest. Whether they’re always trying to make everyone laugh, or always getting into trouble from acting out – one thing’s for sure and that’s that you’ve gotta love ‘em! When siblings Kate and Liam decided they wanted to sing a duet together they both prepared and practiced the song “Think About You” by Lady Antebellum. Only when the camera stopped and they looked over the footage after their performance they realized they weren’t the only one’s performing in their video.

Mom agreed to help the kids out when they wanted to sing together. So Kate and Liam went into one of the bedrooms and began to play their song. Kate starts to sing first and in the bedroom only she, her brother and her younger sister can be seen lying in the bed in the background. Suddenly, without warning a fourth sibling pops into the picture. Johnny, their younger brother, can’t resist video bombing his sibling’s performance so when he sees his open window he doesn’t hesitate to take it!

How mom managed to keep a straight face throughout the performance is beyond us, but she did manage to capture unforgettable footage of her kids they’re all sure to laugh about for years to come. Even their younger sister, who sees Johnny acting out in the background, doesn’t say a peep as Kate and Liam continue to sing their song. Johnny certainly is a character and he must keep the family laughing with his silly antics. Hopefully no fights broke out after the performance but we’re sure once everything settled the kids couldn’t help but laugh about it either. Watch the funny footage for yourself in the video. What a great family!