Those of us who have siblings are well aware of just how close these bonds can be. Our siblings might drive us crazy from time to time but that does not mean that we love them any less. Even when we fight with our siblings, there is still a sizable amount of love involved. This recent story about a group of siblings that was finally brought together in adulthood will certainly touch the hearts of all those who quibble with their siblings.

It may be difficult to appreciate our siblings when we see them every day but imagine what would it be like to grow up without them being around at all. This was the reality for this group of siblings. Christina Housel grew with an adopted family and she did not know much about her birth family. Once she grew up and had the chance to have children of her own, she decided to find out more about her own past.

She began to search online and received the shock of a lifetime. His name was Lyles and while he was skeptical initially (who wouldn’t be?), he eventually agreed to meet her. Seeing the two of them together makes it obvious that they are brother and sister. They look so much alike that it is truly astounding. Upon meeting, they swapped numerous stories about their childhoods.

She and Lyles also decided that it would be time for them to track down the twin sisters that he had lost contact with. The two siblings created a Facebook post that was designed to make this task even easier. It did not take long for the twin sisters to see the post and arrange a meeting with Lyles and Christina. The four siblings enjoyed their time together greatly.

We cannot even imagine what it would be like to connect with a set of siblings after 30 years. This is the type of experience that is incredibly overwhelming for all parties involved. The craziest part of all? Each sibling had their own connection to the armed services and this is what made their first meeting such a special one.

They did not have the chance to grow up alongside of one another but this did not make their connection any weaker. Now that they are in contact on a consistent basis, they will remain a part of each other’s lives. Please be sure to pass this along to your friends and loved ones.