Few things are as graceful as figure skaters doing their thing out in the ice. There just is something inherently calming about seeing how they balance on a thin strip of metal, glide on the ice, and perform these amazing moves. Well, calming and mind-blowing at the same time!

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness figure skaters perform live, you’ll know what we are gushing about. From spins and twirls to heart-stopping leaps into the air, it is nearly impossible to take your eyes off a figure skater in his or her element.

And that is exactly what happened when Russian figure skating team Sunrise 2 performed their routine.

The competition started with a brief opening ceremony, after which the Beginners category commenced. This was comprised of six Swedish teams competing against each other with their Free Program.

With the Beginners category done and over with, eight teams under the Advance Novicecategory began their dance-off on day one of their free skating. This was the category Team Sunrise 2 belonged in, and they delivered an excellent performance which earned them 61.62 points. Their choreography was full of surprises, which undeniably put them in the well deserved first place. They were followed by the Finnish team called Starlights, which scored 55.90. Next came Swedish Team Karisma scoring 46.49 after a clean performance with no falls. They were followed closely by Dream Steps from Finland, which scored a close 45.64.

Although still in the Advanced Novice category, Team Sunrise 2 showed incredible potential moving forward. 

When watching the performance, you can see the ladies enjoying themselves in their craft and performing with their group. This energy shines in every movement.

In the Junior category, Team Sunrise 1 also competed and shone. They scored 58.02, the top score in 10 teams that competed in the same category. Their circle and no-hold movements were called at level 4. Throughout their performance, the team showed perfect harmony and team work.

Their choreography featured a lot of coming apart and coming together, which the team executed gracefully and in near-perfect synchrony, adding to the beauty of the overall performance. Their formations were eye-catching and the perfect circle gave the routine a delightful surprise that the crowd loved! Each member of the team shined and added to the cohesiveness of the piece.

Their amazing performance earned them a standing ovation and a well-deserved leading score in their category.

It goes to show that when you love what you’re doing, it really does show!