When Norma Landeros-Ramirez boarded the plane to depart on her honeymoon with her husband, she never could have predicted their romance would be rivaled by the acts of another species! One night while on their trip, they took off to the beach to take a romantic walk along the shore.

The two were vacationing in South Africa, where the scenery is beautiful and the wildlife is abundant. Taking in the amazing views, the two were enjoying their time together.

But while they were on their walk they stumbled upon the most incredible sight. What did they see?

Two penguins holding each other’s flippers while walking down the beach! Never did they think they would be able to witness something so precious and amazing. The two grab their cameras in order to capture the moment and make the memory of a lifetime.

You may be wondering why there are penguins in Africa, but actually, this species of penguin is often seen in Cape Town. Tourists and locals love watching the penguins at Boulders Penguin Colony in the area. While visiting, Norma remembered that she had previously learned that penguins mate with each other in a way that usually only means they have one partner for their entire lives, and she wanted to see them in action for herself.

But when she finally got to see them, she got more than she bargained for! Seeing these penguins holding each other by the flipper was a heartwarming and unbelievable act of romance!

Although it’s rare to see penguins be so affectionate with each other, it does happen. Penguins that mate is extremely bonded and even raise children as a couple. Both of the penguin parents take care of the eggs together, incubating them and keeping the chicks warm even after they hatch. Clearly, penguins are just as devoted to their families as humans are!

You may think that this behavior is strictly saved for species that mate together for a lifetime. However, other species are actually known to hold the hands of their mates as well. Many otters will fall asleep holding hands with each other in order to avoid drifting apart during times when they are sleeping, using each other as living anchors to stay together.

Since holding hands is often mistaken as something that only humans do to show their love for one another, it was incredible for Norma and her husband to witness this rare sight between penguins on their romantic honeymoon.

Although it happens, not many people can say they’ve witnessed it firsthand! Thankfully, Norma uploaded the video of the penguin couple showing their love for one another. You can watch the penguins in action in the video. What do you think about this adorable sight?