A horse fell and had his jaw stuck in a crevice during the raging fires in South California. At the time, all the firemen were busy fighting the fires, so the reporter who spotted the trapped horse came up with a brilliant idea to help.

During the raging fires in southern California, when people were being evacuated from the disaster, animals also wanted to flee—as the flames were devouring house after house. When reporter Gina Silva and her team were walking down a street of one fire-devastated area near Sylmar, she saw a shocking scene.

A horse was trapped in a small crevice between two narrow walls. It seems he tried to escape from his stable in the raging fires and tripped. As firemen in the area were busy helping rescue people and fighting the fires, Silva had to quickly think of a way to help the stuck animal.

She soon came up with a brilliant idea and sent out a plea on social media for help.

“Horse still stuck but rescuers are now on scene. He fell and got stuck in small crevice,” Silva wrote on her Twitter page.

Her tweet was effective, and within about 20 minutes, several people who noticed the tweet in neighboring areas came to the rescue.

“A veterinarian tranquilized the horse, others began moving furniture out of a garage and LA County fire freed up a small crew to help with the rescue,” Silva described the situation on her Facebook page. “They all tore down the wall to free the animal.”

With a lot of effort from all these kind rescuers, the horse, named Kenny, finally was freed from the narrow crevice and was hauled onto a truck. He was then sent to a veterinary clinic right away.

In the vet’s clinic, to refuel him, the then-23-year-old horse was fed 13 liters of liquids. He was doing well the next day, and could eat and stand by himself.

Silva provided an update on Kenny’s condition by sharing his photo on her Instagram page, whilst expressing thanks to all the rescuers.

“Today he’s doing better and he’s eating. Again, thank you to all the people who came to his rescue. This is a photo sent to me by Cristina Gonzales,” she wrote.

It was surely a heroic rescue.