It’s one of the most memorable days in a person’s life: Their wedding day.

And a bride in China got exactly that — a magical day she’ll remember forever, along with something extra.


The wedding ceremony reportedly took place in Shanghai. The newlyweds were walking through a park with their friends, snapping photos, when an adorable little wedding crasher showed up.

The playful orange and white cat saw the train of the bride’s wedding dress dragging along the sidewalk — and, to the delight of onlookers, started to chase after it.


In a video of the encounter, the cat manages to get on the train of the dress and lie down, while the bride gently tries to take back the pristine white piece of her gown.

That doesn’t discourage the furry little crasher, though — she just goes ahead and chases after the train again, leaving guests laughing.

Some people think cats are signs of good luck — hopefully this cat brought a long and happy marriage to this sweet couple.

Genevieve Timmins — a cat lover (and social media manager at The Dodo) who is in the middle of planning her October wedding — had a strong reaction to what happened to this particular bride.

“I need that to happen at my wedding,” she said.

Fingers crossed!

Source: thedodo.