Internationally acclaimed photographer Geert Weggen specializes in photographing Red squirrels. His images of the adorable little critters and their antics have been published worldwide in newspapers, books, calendars and magazines.

Geert Weggen is a Swedish/Dutch national and an internationally awarded nature photographer. He has worked extensively with wild squirrels and birds over the past several years. In 2013 he became a full time photographer, and his current focus has been on photographing wild squirrels in a unique, beautiful and often whimsical way. Scroll down to see 30 of Geert’s works featuring the adorable and inquisitive red squirrels.

1# Wishes The wind was just perfect for capturing this photo. Published in National Geographic, it won Photo of the Day.

2# “I followed squirrels daily for 6 years with my camera and they became my friends,”

3# Sun Head How hard can it be to get a spirit under a flower? It is very rare. Finalist in Smithsonian and published in magazines.

4# Flower Lover There were some seeds hidden inside the flower.


6# Sunny Split  “It took me some years to capture this idea. This year I managed.”

7# Mushroom lover (this toadstool is not poisonous to the squirrel)

8# Open wide… berry nice!

9# Nose Seed Often the squirrels move too quickly to notice the small details during shooting. This image was published as a Swedish postcard.

10# Reach for the stars…