It’s no wonder why this video is quickly going viral with a half-a-million views in just a few days.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new guilty dog of YouTube.

Harley and Loa are both in big trouble. You see, Mom just walked in and discovered one of them stole a cookie — but which one is the culprit? The only way she’ll crack the case is if she asks them to rat out the guilty dog, and the result is pretty hilarious. “Now Loa, I know you love your brother and it would hurt you to turn him in. And Harley I know you love your sister and you don’t want to get her in trouble.

However, whatever one of you turns the other one in, I will be easy on.”

A lot of YouTube viewers think Mom spends too much time talking to the canine siblings, but I have long, drawn-out conversations with my dog all the time. They’re intelligent creatures, after all.

The look on Harley’s face at the very end is simply priceless. I think we know who stole the cookie… but go easy on them both, Mom!