In the heartwarming video, a U.S. Marine is promoted by his 3-year old son. As dad, Kyle Carpenter, stands at attention with his class, he is called forward to receive his promotion to Sergeant. After officially being read the details of his promotion before his fellow Marines and sworn in by a commanding officer, someone special, his son, Wyatt, comes forward to place a new ensign on his collar to make the promotion official as wife and mother looks on.

It is a heartwarming video that has been a tear jerker for so many viewers since it first went viral on Facebook. The promotion, husband’s service, and 3-year Wyatt’s role in the moment have all led to others recounting their own special military moments and interactions between father and son.

After pinning his dad’s collar, Wyatt turns to walk back to his mother. Sergeant Carpenter then salutes and walks off into the distance as his fellow Marines continue to look on while standing at attention.

All caught on tape, it is a heat felt moment viewers at home must watch to appreciate.

Credit: Crystal Carpenter (