Watching people come together to help someone or something in need is always awe-inspiring. The good in people truly comes out whenever trouble arises and it’s up to them to help a fellow community member—especially when it comes to potentially saving a life.

Last week, in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, five men spotted something tragic: a dog had fallen into a deep reservoir and was losing a battle against the raging current.

Quickly, the men dropped everything to try and reach the poor pooch. They soon realized that if they were ever going to get him out, they would have to do something crazy…

It’s always inspiring to watch people come together to help someone in need. That is exactly what happened when a group of people saw a dog that had found itself stuck in a reservoir and was on the verge of being swept away by the rushing water. One of the men decided to slide down the wall of the reservoir to see how he could help.


The man waded out into the middle of the current. Carefully maintaining his balance in the rushing waters, he managed to grab the dog by his collar and slowly lead him to the cement wall by the water’s edge… but the wall was far too steep to climb. They’d have to think of a different way to escape.

Suddenly, the man’s friends on the walkway above came up with an ingenious plan—one that might put all of their lives at risk. One by one, the men linked arms with each other in order to form a human chain. They climbed over the railing and inched toward the rescuer and the dog. There was just one problem: they couldn’t reach…

No matter how hard they tried, the men couldn’t figure out how to reach their friend. Making matters worse was that they kept sliding down the side. It seemed like their plan wasn’t going to work—and they had just risked their own lives in the process. That’s when something miraculous happened…


That was seriously dangerous! If they couldn’t figure out a way to pull it off, who knows what would have happened to that poor dog?

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Source: honesttopaws.