We stumbled upon a video that will make you think differently about wolves.

As we all know, most wolves stay far away from people, mostly because they know that they’ll likely be harmed if they get too close. Well, this wolf either missed the memo or he just felt like living on the wild side for awhile.

For the Miller’s, they were having an average day while on vacation in the Radium Hot Springs. They’d been driving around the beautiful Canadian park, taking in the sites which despite the hazy skies that the wildfires had caused, were still breathtaking. They were all admiring the trees and talking about what they had just seen, when John slowed down because he saw a grey wolf beside the road.

He alerted his wife and kids who were also in the car to look out the window — thinking the wolf would likely run back into the forest any minute. That never happened though. Instead, the wolf ran on the road for a good few minutes and then the next thing they knew he was actually chasing their car! They couldn’t believe it. The wolf was tracking about 35mph or so and just kept looking at the car as if to say, “Hey! don’t leave just yet!”

There were a few points when the wolf crossed the road and even slowed down a bit, but he always kept the car within sight, catching back up. The Miller’s were shocked. This wolf didn’t seem to want to harm them, he sort of just wanted to play. They considered seeing how long this could go on, but when they realized they were on crunch time decided that the few mile chase was going to have to be enough and sped up; eventually losing sight of their four-legged admirer.

The Miller’s aren’t sure what happened to the wolf, but since so reports were made about a wolf being hit, they figured he joined his pack back in the forest. Either way, it made for an interesting day for everyone.

Source: blog