I’m sure most of us are getting a little sick and tired of the winter weather. I know I am, we’re still facing “the beast from the east” as we speak and all we want is some warmer weather.

But it’s not just humans that try and avoid the cold, for example, tortoises go into hibernation. But we’re here to talk about cows today.

During the winter months, farmers like to keep their cattle indoors so they’re as comfortable as possible. In fact, 65% of Dutch cows craze in the summertime, so you can imagine how antsy they must feel waiting to be back outdoors.

When you’re stuck inside as the snow piles up, all you want to do is be back outside in the sun which can feel like an eternity.

But, much like humans, cows too get pretty giddy when they know it’s time to be blessed with the great outdoors again. So much so that many tourists in the Netherlands come to join the cows on their first “coming out” in Spring.

The cows look overjoyed to see the bright green pastures again and it shows all too much. If you’re in need of a cheer up, this is exactly the video you need today.