Meet Bentley, a 2-year-old goldendoodle living his best life as the apple of his parent’s eyes in his Maryland home.

When he first moved in, Bentley arrived with his two favorite comfort items: a stuffed dog and a tan blanket, both filled with the familiar scents of his mom and litter mates.

Two years later, Bentley’s favorites have lost that smell from home, but the dog has happily settled into his new home — and by settle, it appears that Bentley has completely taken over the house.

His owners delight in all things Bentley — the way his large body takes up too much space in the bed, the way he leaves toys scattered around the house and especially his quirky nighttime routine.

Each night, Bentley chooses a favorite item, picks it up in his mouth, and walks it upstairs to bed. Some nights, Bentley chooses a blanket, other times he wants a toy, but every night, he needs something extra to snuggle up with as he sleeps.

“I find it adorable and quirky that he brings things with him so we don’t mind,” Kelly Madsen, Bentley’s owner, told The Dodo. “In fact, we expect it.”

“He also usually carries the item back down the stairs in the morning,” Madsen said.

Good boy.

Just like a toddler, Bentley goes through phases of obsession with a new toy or other item every week or so. After days of doting on the week’s hottest new trend, Bentley moves on to something new.

“He’ll bring his blanket, stuffed llama, a giant stuffed moose,” Madsen said. “He’s brought tennis balls, bones, peanut butter jars, one of our couch pillows, his own bandanas before — the list is kinda endless.”

Bentley even grabs a stuffed toy before walking outside to do his business — perhaps there is safety in numbers, he feels, or maybe he just really likes having a friend tag along everywhere he goes.

Madsen and her husband know their lives are enriched because of their sweet, silly golden.

“He is the most loving and goofy dog out there,” Madsen said. “Almost nightly my husband and I talk about how lucky we are to have Bentley. He has brought so much love and joy to our relationship.”